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Vision Board Workshop Paint Party

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You CAN'T miss this POWER PACT LIFE CHANGING  PAINT Vision Board Party. Your Premium INVESTMENT Includes: A 24x30 canvas, paints, brushes, easel, apron, 2.5/3.0 hours instruction by certified instructors, mind-map instruction, an action plan, motivation, and the tools you will need to WRITE, PAINT, CREATE YOUR VISION AND MAKE IT PLAIN SO THAT WHOEVER READS IT MAY RUN WITH IT!


$54.99 Paint & Vision Board Party.

*** Corporate and non profit fees may vary.

These sessions are focused on your future.  What are you longing for?  More balanced life, career change, healthier relationship, better self-care, abundance...  


Use art therapy and other fun techniques to find your vision.  Align with your purpose and feel more fulfilled in life.  


Danalynne  has a gift for encouraging people to gain clarity, discover their power, and to move forward.  She is trained in employment and entrepreneurship as well as self-development through those mediums. Her fresh approach to therapy feels purposeful and fun.  You will see and feel results.

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