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Q & A

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How Does it Work?


First, visit our gallery to look at our paintings. Then chat with your party attendees; girlfriends, boyfriend, spouse, co-workers, parents, or even your sorority sisters to TRY and agree on which painting is most fabulous (you choose the painting you would like to paint)! Once everyone has agreed, book your party!

On the day of your class, arrive at the Picture Perfect Paint Parties or Partnering venues a few minutes early to get checked in!

What are The Picture Perfect Paint Parties like?


In a relaxed, social, group setting, an artist will guide you through replicating the nights featured painting step by step. Whether you are an aspiring Van Gogh or just looking to explore your creative side, you are sure to go home with a painting that is uniquely yours. By the end of the evening you will be amazed at the artwork you have created!  Classes range from 1 to 3 hours in length with frequent breaks.


Do I Need to Sign Up in Advance?

Yes, for reservng a date for your party, team building , etc. a payment of 1/2 down is required for the deposit.  The remainign balance is due one week prior to the event.

 Our studio seats 24  studio, although our venue partners may take up to 50 or more per party/event. Please note you can utilize our mobile party services and choose your own venue. 


How do we register for a party/event and pay to reserve our space?


Registration is done on our website ONLY.  Also,  all payments are made through the website, unless it is a corporate purchase order payment.

What is the Cost of a Picture Perfect Paint Party?

The price ranges between $25-$60 depending on the party.

Parties are slightly lower.

What is included in the price?
We provide Canvases, Paint, Brushes, Easels, and Aprons.

What Should I Wear for Clothing?


Although we will be providing all of your party guests with aprons, it is recommended that you wear clothing that you don’t mind getting paint on.  Also just as an FYI, the paints we will be using are acrylics which are water based non-toxic paints.  Acrylics do make for an easy clean up on hands and skin, but clothing is a bit more difficult to get rid of stains.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?


By buying your ticket you acknowledge and agree to the following terms. You will be added to the roster. No printing of class receipt is required. You may show Your confirmation receipt from email if applicable.  Your woodhanger or canvas and supplies will be at the event.  * We will begin/end promptly. As a courtesy to others please arrive 10-15 minutes prior. Late arrivals will miss important class instruction... please be prompt.


We do not give refunds.  WE HAVE A CREDIT-ONLY POLICY. Credits are good for 39 days from the date of cancellation. (credits may be used at one of our community partner venues).  


Do you allow last minute drop-ins?

We only allow last minute drop-ins if there is space available for that party and it has been paid on-line. 

How many people do I have to have a Mobile or Home Party?
There is a 11 person minimum for home parties.


Additional fees that may incur for Mobile Parties, based upon your location.

What is Included in the Price?


We will provide all of the art supplies for the paint party which includes the canvases, paints, brushes, easels, aprons, palettes, water cups, napkins, table cloths, plastic drop cloths if need be, and a professional PA system with a wireless microphone so guests can hear us teach (this is for larger groups).  We will provide the 2 hour instruction for your guests as well as the necessary time to setup the party beforehand and break down the party afterward (usually about 1-2 hours before the party and an hour afterward).  You and your guests get to choose beforehand what you’d like to recreate from a library of sample paintings on the website.  We will also provide a merch table where customers can peruse the teaching artist's professional artwork and other paint party swag.  Lastly we will remove all trash from your premises and make sure your location is as clean as we found it.


PLEASE NO babies or children allowed in the studio during adult parties.

No Sit- Ins are permitted ( watching during a party) :

only painters who book a seat(s) are able to stay during parties).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not take any cash on the premises,

therefore, all payments must be made online.  

What are the hosts responsible for?
The host or event venue is responsible for providing tables and, chairs for

the guests and any music, food & beverages, etc.

In the case of child parties, the host or another adult must stay in the room &

is responsible for the children.

- This is not childcare!

The party host should have guests arrive at least.

15 minutes prior to painting start time. To allot for late time travels. T


For parties taking place outdoors, the host is responsible.

For securing a backup location in case of weather conflicts.

Is alcohol available?
Yes, at our partnership venues as

well as inside our studio. 



Do You Have a Weather Policy?


We understand mother nature does not always play nice.  If there is inclement weather the day of a reserved paint party we will check with the host and make sure we both mutually agree upon cancelling said event.  The safety of our guests is priority number one.  We will work on rescheduling your party for a future date but unfortunately we will not offer last minute same day refunds due to weather.


Do You Design Flyers For Your Events?


Yes, we do.  We create high resolution digital flyers for our events and promote our events on our website, across all social media, and to our mailing list.  If you would like a flyer designed for your Picture Perfect Paint Party Professionals event, let us know before hand and we'll create a custom 8.5 x 11" printable flyer for your upcoming event free of charge to help promote.  We'll spend the time to create the flyer and email you a copy once we're finished and you can post on social media or print out physical copies at your own expense.

Are You Hiring Artists & Artist Assistants?


Yes, we are always looking for fun, loyal, and energetic artists and assistants to join our paint party clan!  If you'd like to learn more about being either an artist or an assistant, please check out our Faq pages or Contact Us and we can answer your questions and possibly setup an interview with you at our studio location.  We pay all of our artists and assistants and we promise you this is a really fun and laid back way to make extra money and supplement your income.  


Will You Paint at My Work?


Yes, our team of artists can definitely coordinate onsite corporate events in your conference room, cafeteria, or any other location in your office building.  We love painting in people's work environments because it gives all the employees a chance to unwind and destress in an atmosphere that can sometimes regularly create stress in their lives.  We feel painting at work can be an exhilarating form of therapy for many people and if you're the boss, you definitely get brownie points for having a kick butt event at work (kudos Mr. Boss man!).  Staff loves seeing their normal work environments completely transformed with drop cloths, easels, canvases, and loads of paint.  If you can't find a way to host a paint party at your work, but you want to have a paint party for your office at another venue, let us know and we'll be more than happy to coordinate an event with you at a restaurant or other location.  Our team of artists has regular venues that we work with, but if you have a particular venue in mind that you'd like us to paint at, let us know and we'll make it happen.


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