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Art Therapy

Art Therapy Classes, Session or Paint Parties

How Art Benefits Seniors:


Art is one of the most popular and successful activities and therapies at assisted living communities. There are practically more benefits to art than can be counted. According to the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), some of the many benefits of art therapy include:

“This artist, with advancing Alzheimer’s, unable to grip a paintbrush, was quite successful creating a visual masterpiece dipping sponges in multiple paint colors.”


  • Promoting self-awareness

  • Relieving stress, anxiety, and confusion through a sense of empowerment

  • Improving motor skills

  • Improving cognitive skills

  • Helping to cope with transitions

  • Facilitating communication


As ALFA explains:

“Older adults tend to have more chronic diseases and age-related functional impairments that affect vision, hearing, and balance. Commonly attendant to such disorders are chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Making art can be an enjoyable experience that focuses the participant away from daily concerns and on the creative process. Some seniors, particularly those with cognitive, memory, and other impairments may receive additional benefits.”


**Call to speak with one of the artists for pricing.  Prices for discount purposes can be based upon the number of seniors participating and the frequency of our classes.



$34.99 ~ 19.99 Per Person Min. 10

*Rates can be customized based   upon the # of guests and frequency

Call Us To Create a Program specifically for your agency!

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