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Education Parties

Homes School Paint/Art Parties & Classes

Calling All Home Schooled Kids!

Why should you sign your child up for an art class? Because art teaches so many things! Math, science, history and creativity are just a few things children learn from the visual arts. Best of all, art makes energized classes offer an exciting format for art exploration. Classes focus on art principles and introduce students to many different art materials. Our goal is to inspire and educate your child in an environment where giggles and grins are encouraged.

Four class options are available to homeschool families:


  • Weekly studio classes

  • Monthly Masters in the Morning workshops

  • Private group weekly classes

  • Private group single day workshops 


Classes can be held at our studio, a local library, or a venue of your choosing. 


Need to sign up siblings? Sign up additional children for a homeschool class & save! 


Give us a call today, so that we may create a curriculum for your youth!


**Call to speak with one of our artist for pricing.  Prices for discount purposes can be based upon the number of students participating and the frequency of classes. 


$19.99 Per Person Min. 10

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